Causes of Early Marriage?


The only thing that causes early marriage is two young people wanting to get married. Some may feel that if they have a child at a young age, they should marry to keep the family together. Marrying at a young age can lead to divorce.
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The causes of preterm labor may be because of the mother, the fetus, or the placenta. Maternal factors that may cause preterm labor include pregnancy-induced hypertension, diabetes,
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The misconception that it will solve all your problems and your life will be all sugarplums & boxes of roses.
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Early marriage arise from number of causes like lack of education, gender bios, pressure from family or friends, and lack of knowledge about the implications of ...
Ur young and don't know if that's the first you want to be with this will effect you cus you could have children and after a divorce then you have a broken family ...
Some of the effects of early marriage are; domestic violence, dependence on one person, loss of confidence, abuse. Early marriages are sometimes caused by the ...
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