What causes early marriage?


People marry young to escape bad home lives, due to unplanned pregnancy, because they fear of separation or break-up, to feel needed, because religious beliefs do not permit sex before marriage or to simply feel cared for by another person. Statistically, young marriages usually do not succeed because most young people are not mature enough to properly consider all of the responsibilities of married life prior to making a commitment. Rather, many of the reasons used to justify young marriage are more self-focused rather than couple or even family focused.

Unplanned pregnancy remains one of the top reasons for young marriage, particularly teenage marriage. Young people are either too embarrassed to be single teenage parents or believe that marriage somehow justifies a pregnancy and seals the relationship. Other young people simply crave some sort of emotional bond that they believe only marriage achieves. Sometimes these feelings are brought about out of fear of losing a significant other to a break-up, a move or college.

There are some teenagers who marry simply for financial security. They fear having to depend upon themselves for support and, in finding someone to support them, are able to avoid doing it on their own. Some religions that embrace traditional family roles of a male family head actually encourage women to marry young.

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