Causes of Engine Coolant Leak?


There could be several causes for engine coolant leaks. There may be a hole in a hose somewhere along the cooling system or in the radiator. The only way to fix the leak is to find the source. You may need to replace a hose or seal a hole to fix an engine coolant leak. You may be lucky and find that a clamp or connector may have come loose and just needs to be tightened.
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1. Locate the leak. This can be difficult, so take your time. Some leaks, such as those in the freezer plugs, are behind the engine mount or other components. You may need to inspect
first you must determine what is actually contaminating the coolant,usually in the detroit series 60 engine it is fuel oil,usually caused by faulty injector cups!
Every automotive manufacturer publishes the total cooling system capacity in the hand book in the glove compartment when the system is completely empty it may hold up to 12 quarts
There may be a hole in the radiator and it may need replacing.
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Causes of Engine Coolant Leak
A car's coolant helps to keep the engine from overheating. The coolant is moved from the engine to the radiator, where it is exposed to air through the vents in the radiator. The air cools the coolant down before it enters the hot engine once more.... More »
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