Causes of Failed Marriages?


There are several causes for failed marriages, but a lack of communication can be attributed to many failed marriages. A spouse may need something from his or her partner, but fail to communicate that or their needs may be ignored, leading to bitterness and unhappiness, which may lead a person to leave his or her spouse or look for these things from another partner through an affair. Getting married for the wrong reasons, such as for money and security or from fear of being lonely, may also lead to a failed marriage.
Q&A Related to "Causes of Failed Marriages?"
1. Agree to no longer carry emotional baggage. In a safe environment, examine the behaviors that have contributed to the weakening of communication, intimacy, trust or fidelity within
It's hard. You start off blaming them then yourself. Eventually you can come to middle ground. It's different for everyone. It also depends on why the marriage actually failed. It
Early marriage fails because you may be too young and not ready to settle down. If you have a baby already, thats the biggest reason because babies are a HUGE responsibility. Unless
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