Causes of Forehead Swelling?


Swelling of the forehead and other parts of the face is due to fluid build up in facial tissues. There are a number of causes for why this may occur. An allergic reaction or seasonal allergies can cause swelling of the forehead, around the eyes, and other parts of the face. Reactions to certain prescription and over the counter medications may also lead to forehead and facial swelling. Sinusistis, trauma, and injury to the face may also cause swelling to occur.
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A frontal lobe (forehead) injury can be life-threatening if it is not properly treated. A subdural hematoma (interior swelling) around one or both eyes can indicate further swelling
A spider bite. This exact thing happened to my friend the other day. Hello. I have light red rush on my chin, a little bit on the forhead. I don't know what it is. Could it be some
My lower forehead swells(sometimes more than others it seems), and appears to be like a sinus inflammation, however, I have no side effects besides the swelling. It starts from above
The two most common causes of swelling int he forehead are sinus
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