Causes of Long Redundant Colon?


The causes of a long redundant colon include constipation and issues with the diet. Stress can be another cause of long redundant colon. Toxins are a final cause of a redundant colon.
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What Are the Causes of a Long Redundant Colon?
Colons vary in shape and size. While all colons have loops, a redundant colon consists of extra loops which cause it to be longer than normal. The extra loops in the colon may have developed naturally or as the result of factors such as stress, toxins or... More »
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The most probable cause of redundant colon is constipation. Putting pressure on the colon by straining for a bowel movement twists the colon causing obstruction, swelling or misshaping
Polyps are the result of abnormal cell growth according to the Mayo Clinic. Polyps are mutations of normal cell division. Having polyps removed is a very common thing, today.
It means that there are extra bends in the sigmoid colon.
A redundant colon is extra bends in the descending colon. Seen on x-rays, especially in
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