Causes of Orange Stool?


The causes of an orange stool can vary greatly. Most often, the orange stool is caused by eating certain foods that discolor the feces. When stool is not exposed to a sufficient amount of bile during the digestion process, the stool can become orange in coloring. Orange stool is also a product of consuming artificial food colorings that are orange or red, eating kale or spinach, eating turnips, turnip greens, or even eating winter squash.
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Stool can come in a variety of colors. What is considered a. normal. stool color is unique to each person, and often includes a spectrum, rather than just one color. Stool color is
Many things can cause orange stools including diet, vitamins or supplements such as beta
1. Rub 220-grit sandpaper lightly across the surface of the stool, just hard enough to remove any rough areas from the wood. 2. Pour a small amount of a concentrated cleaning solution
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