Causes of Overpopulation?


The causes of overpopulation vary depending on the species of animal or plant. In most cases, overpopulation is caused by a lack of natural predators that would help to thin the herd or group. Overpopulation in humans is caused by greater access to health care and a more prolific birth rate. Overpopulation in humans can also be attributed to an increase in immigration and a decrease in the mortality rate among humans who are now living longer lives and having more children.
Q&A Related to "Causes of Overpopulation?"
There are many factors to overpopulation. People living much longer today has a large impact on overpopulation. Also, people have a large number of children can impact this problem.
Well, there are so many people in the world, and when there is overpopulation, there are less resources available to so many people!
Causes of overpopulation are decline in death rate, rise in birth rate,
I live in the U.S and one problem that is caused by overpopulation is the growing thought process that abortion is okay.
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The overpopulation in India is caused mainly by the increased birth rate. An underlying factor is the longer life spans due to healthier lifestyles. ...
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