What are some causes of police brutality?


The causes of police brutality or the uncommon use of excessive force include certain mental disorders affecting the officer involved in the incident. Often, police offers who are depressed, suffer with anxiety, suffer with PTSD, or are otherwise mentally compromised are those who are engaged in police brutality. Other causes could include police culture that creates a feeling of being above the people an officer is hired to protect and serve. This type of culture is extremely dangerous to the public.
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Psychological Factors. Some theories argue there are psychological factors inherent in the causes of police brutality. The stereotype of the bad apple or rogue cop has largely been
the lack of training.
1 Respect. One of the hardest things to do is to be humble ,show respect and do not look suspicious. The officer is not supposed to be representing himself. The police officer is
Police dogs are used in several ways, and some dogs are cross-trained for more than one type of mission. Dogs have an incredibly sensitive sense of smell, and they can be trained
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