Causes of Poverty in Ethiopia?


Historically there have been massive class divisions in Ethiopia which divide the elite class from the peasant class. This coupled with very low social spending by the government on education and health makes this one of the poorest countries in the world.
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Poverty in Ethiopia is more pronounced in the rural areas than urban areas. Rural areas
Hello, Above what you mention, corruption and the prevention of delivery, food used as a weapon etc are contributing factors. Cheers, Michael Kelly.
One of the main causes of poverty in America is lack of education or not graduating from high school and getting a college degree. Other causes include teenage pregnancy, lack of
Poor housing. overcrowded living. unemployment. sanitation problems.
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There are several determinants of urban poverty in Ethiopia. Unemployment, disability, age, education, and class can all be factors that effect urban poverty. ...
The major problems facing Ethiopia include: poverty, drought, unpredicted flooding and illiteracy. Corruption and poor governance are also amongst the top problems ...
The causes of poverty include a lack of resources amongst the poor, an exceptionally unequal income distribution, conflict, and famine itself. The poorest countries ...
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