Causes of Poverty in India?


The major causes of poverty in India include a very large disparity between the social classes. People in the lower classes in India are unable to receive health care, food, clothing, jobs, and other benefits available to those in the higher classes. Other causes of poverty in India include overpopulation and a lack of resources in many extremely urban areas. Inadequate transportation of food is another cause for poverty in India. India is one of the poorest countries in the world.
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Causes of Poverty in India. High level of dependence on primitive methods of agriculture. High population growth rate. High Illiteracy (about 35% of adult population) Regional inequalities
Some would say that it is due to overpopulation and the inability to curb growth. However, the real reason is that before the 1990's India was a socialist country. In a sense they
Poverty in India is still rampant despite an impressive economic growth. An estimated 250 million people are below the poverty line and approximately 75 per cent of them are in the
Unfortunately, as with many of the biggest social problems facing the world, poverty is so intertwined with other issues that it is difficult or impossible to point to one cause.
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