Causes of Quivering Lips?


Quivering lips might be caused by a variety of nervous disorders. These can include things like Parkinson's disease or trauma to the head or brain. Other causes of quivering lips might include emotions like severe anxiety, stress, fatigue, or even alcohol or caffeine withdrawal. Quivering lips might also come from drinking too much caffeine, from taking certain medications that are stimulants, from eating foods that cause an allergic reaction, or from vitamin deficiencies that cause muscle weakness.
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There are many things that can cause swollen lips. An injury to the mouth, cosmetics, heat, allergies, drugs or medication, or some type of skin disease such as eczema.
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Fear, cold or pain.
The skin on the lips does not have hair, sweat glands or a protective layer. The lips do not have a function to sweat or create warmth. Therefore, the lips may dry out, become chapped
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