What are the causes of rural to urban migration?


The causes of rural to urban migration are generally rooted in social or economic situations. Many people will migrate from a rural area to an urban area in search of work or income. People will also migrate to urban areas from rural areas because of a lack of farmland that is available. This makes it impossible to continue to make a living from the land in certain areas. People will also move from rural to urban areas in search of better schools, medical care, or housing for their families.
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It is no secret that state and federal funding across the nation is drying up as the government tries to rein in out-of-control budget spending. Those in rural areas are especially
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Rural to urban migration: The movement of people from the countryside to the towns
-Luck of basic facilities in Rural Areas [health,education. facilities]Availability of Jobs in urban Areas. Source(s) tnhz.
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What Are the Causes of Urban-Rural Migration?
The movement or migration of people from urban to rural areas causes a disequilibrium in the population dynamic. With a greater percentage of labor force moving away from urban metropolises to rural areas following a desire for a better life, there is... More »
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