What causes superstitions?


Superstition is one coping mechanism that helps some people manage the unknowns of life and situations beyond control according to WebMD. Humans often use them in the struggle for control over the world and situations that occur.

Superstitions can provide people with confidence and security. For example, wearing a lucky cap to a sporting event might make a sports fan feel more confident in his team's ability to win. Superstitious people can be highly intelligent.

Superstitions can also bolster confidence in difficult situations. Some people utilize superstitions to ward off unwanted events. The old "step on a crack and break mother's back" adage rings true for many people, long past childhood.

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One example of a superstition is when people believe that if you break a mirror, you have 7 years of bad luck. Also, walking under a ladder can cause bad luck. ...
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