Causes of Superstition?


Superstitions are generally caused by fear. Fear is instilled because of something a person does not know. It could also be from a bad experience the person once had.
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Superstitions probably existed because people were (and are) full of fantasy. For example, the tribal warriors always put on a special 'charm' before going into battle. They believed
There are many answers to this question. The more reasonable ideas seem to be that humans are driven to understand -- to think about things until they begin seem more sensible. In
The modern basis for the Friday
The underlying factor would be fear. A scared person usually scares others around him and gullible people swallow trash easily. Yes culture has skeletons of superstition in closets
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One example of a superstition is when people believe that if you break a mirror, you have 7 years of bad luck. Also, walking under a ladder can cause bad luck. ...
A superstition is a term that refers to one's belief that one event leads to the cause of another devoid of any physical process that links these events together ...
Superstitions are beliefs with cause and effect relationships that do not form logic. If you are wanting to overcome medieval beliefs, assess the basis for the ...
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