Causes of the Battle of Manila Bay?


The Manila Bay battle started on 1 May 1898, between the Spanish and the Americans. The American Squadron commanded by Commodore George capsized the Spanish Squadron that was commanded by Patricio Montojo. The causes of the war were actually because the Americans felt the Spanish treated the Cubans badly. They were concerned about the political pressure they put over Cuba but mostly because the Americans were angered by the sinking of the Us Maine
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The US and Spain were at War.
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The Battle of Manila Bay, a naval engagement of the Spanish-American War, was
The cause was the Spanish-American war. We were at war with Spain, their Pacific fleet was anchored in Manila Bay. The Spanish admiral knew he was outgunned, Dewey had better ships
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The Battle of Manila Bay was part of the Spanish-American War. The battle took place on May 1st, 1898 in the Philippines. ...
The Battle Of Manila Bay was what would later be called the first major battle in the Spanish-American War. The Battle Of Manila Bay was fought on May 1st in the ...
There are several famous battles fought in the Philippines including The Philippine revolution, The Battle of Manila Bay, and The Philippines Campaign. However ...
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