Causes of the Chinese Revolution?


The major causes of the Chinese Revolution, as with many revolutions, were economic. The Chinese people became frustrated with the increasing amount of money that was required to meet their tax debts. The Chinese people also began to have disputes between the central government of China and the outlying provinces that were working to build the railroad system in China. Discontent, disparity between the middle and upper classes, and increased taxation were the major causes of the Chinese Revolution
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After the 1911 Revolution, and the death of Sun Yat-sen's people stopped all their revoluntionary activity. China was also having internal unrest, warlords divided china hoping to
Political opposition to the Qing Dynasty, founded in 1644 by Manchu invaders from what is now Northeastern China, had been around in one form or another since the inception of the
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Inefficient emperors, Lack of able Manchu leadership, and
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