Causes of the Missouri Compromise?


The Missouri compromise was based on the slavery issue . The Louisiana purchase doubled the U.S. and much of the land was good for growing cotton. But slaves were needed to cultivate cotton. Much of the U.S. north was anti-slavery and wanted Missouri to be accepted into the union as a non-slave state. Disagreement flourished. To solve the issue without war, it was agreed as a compromise that Missouri would be a slave state but Maine would no longer be a slave state.
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The Slave vs. Free State debate. Missouri wanted to enter the union as a slave state, but naturally the Northerners, who opposed slavery, didn't want those who supported slavery to
Missouri Compromise Cause: the northern states wanted to limit
Henry Clay wrote the Missouri Compromise, guiding Congress through the compromise as Speaker of the House, which let Missouri into the union as a slave state.
D: Wanting to maintain a balance of free and slave states. The compromise was that Missouri would be admitted as a slave state but Maine would be admitted as a free state to maintain
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The Missouri Compromise is an agreement made on 1820 regarding the regulation of slavery in the western territories. It prohibited slavery in the former Louisiana ...
The Missouri Compromise was a Congressional Act deciding the extension of slavery. Created by Henry Clay, it decreed that slavery would be allowed in Missouri. ...
The Missouri Compromise regulated slavery in the western territories of the United States in 1820. It prohibited slavery in the Louisiana Territory north of the ...
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