What are the causes of urbanization?


Some of the most common causes of urbanisation include a better standard of living that could be found in urban areas, a higher rate of pay in urban areas, and more access to health care in those areas. Other causes of urbanization include the fact that many jobs tend to be concentrated around urban areas rather than in rural areas. Urbanization is also caused by the lack of open land in rural areas for farming and for building homes. Urbanization seems to be the trend across the world at this time.
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what are the causes for the urbanisation what are the causes for the urbanisation
Cause is just a lot of people from countries and farms going to more urban (mainly houses) areas. Effect is that it takes up a lot of fertile soil (main reason) and causes pollution
1. For better living standard 2. For the gradual development of nation. 3. For own progress
Urbanisation occurs because people move from rural areas (countryside) to urban areas (towns and cities). This usually occurs when a country is still developing. Levels of urbanisation
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