Causes Pounding Ear?


The causes of a pounding sensation in the ear can include a panic attack, tachycardia, exposure to a very loud noise, tinnitis, an acute stress reaction, aspirin poisoning or overdose, and dehydration. Simply exercising can cause a pounding sensation in the ear that is due to the elevation of the heart rate with exercise. Pounding in the ear can also be caused by Meniere's disease and labrynthitis. Most of the causes of pounding in the ears are benign, but one might still check with a doctor if this happens frequently.
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Ear infections are a common cause of ear congestion, especially among babies and children. Disorders of the Eustachian tube, such as middle ear fluid, can result in ear congestion
Wax, water, infection, narrowing of the ear canal.
Many things can cause your ears to become infected. An infected ear lobe can be very painful, so it is better to look after them properly to ensure that they stay healthy. There are
1. Protect your work surface. Lay newspaper or cloth that you won't mind throwing away if it becomes stained. 2. Remove the backs from your earrings and arrange safely in the center
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