Causes Sharp Ear Pain?


The most common causes of sharp ear pain include otitis media, malignant otitis externa, and swimmer's ear. These diseases are sometimes collectively referred to as 'ear infections.' Ear pain can also be caused by arthritis of the jaw, an object that is stuck in the ear or cuts the ear, sinus infection, ear injuries that come from pressure changes, and tooth infections. In many cases, an ear infection is treated with pain medications and antibiotics. These can help to relieve the pain and swelling.
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ear infection.
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Ear infections, trauma, pressure changes, cysts, dental/jaw problems, tooth pain
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A sharp pain behind the ear can be a sign of inflammation or infection in the ear or canals. See a doctor for an evaluation of this pain. The doctor may be able ...
An earache or just plain hitting yourself with something pointy behind your left ear. :) ...
Sharp pains above the ear can be caused by a long list of problems including Migraine, occipital neuralgia or even temporal arteritis. For a diagnosis, a doctor ...
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