How do I Troubleshoot a Sony MegaStorage CD Player CDP-CX455?


1. If you are using a digital optical connection to play a Super Audio CD and there is no sound, try connecting using the analog CD/SACD connection. 2. If there is no sound when using an analog AV cable hookup, set the AV receiver to the same input
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You will need to make sure that you have the correct wiring harness for your vehicle to be able to install a new deck. The manual that comes with your cd player will tell you how
See Related Links for a link to a *pdf file of the user's manual.'s...
1. Connect the tape deck to the computer's audio input port using the Y converter. The two pronged end of the Y converter will plug into the tape deck's left and right output channels
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See Related Links for a link to a *pdf file of the user's manual. ...
A CDP is a Compact Disc Player. It can be portable, battery operated, or electronic device used to play audio CD's. Newer models support playing DVD's and MP3' ...
The first commercial CD player (CDP-101)was released to the public by Sony in 1982. Prior to that, CD players were for industrial and engineering use, and Sony ...
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