CD Player Keeps Ejecting?


A CD player that keeps ejecting a disk could be caused by many things. The disk may be incompatible with the player, or the disk may be dirty or scratched. To clean the disk you will need a microfiber cloth and some CD cleaning solution. You can also clean the CD player itself by using a CD player cleaning kit, which usually comprises of a cleaning disk and some solution.
Q&A Related to "CD Player Keeps Ejecting"
1. Straighten the paperclip so that it is one long, straight wire. 2. Locate the tiny hole on the CD drive. On most brands of CD drives, this hole is located on the front of the CD
The loading bay is probably jammed up tight, sometimes caused by disc lodged against another, broken gears, or ware. The unit will need to be dismantled in a attempt to repair or
The Disc is no longer recognized as media that can be played through your player, or you eject button is stuck on.
sounds like a short where your remote wire is contacting the eject button for your cd in your car. it would probably be better for you to take it in for service unless you want to
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