What would be the repercussions of installing two Celestion G12H's in a Fender Twin Reverb reissue?


you will most likely find that the new speakers will be much more efficient (possibly louder) having more power from your amp then the rating of your speakers is a good thing, The worse thing to do is have a small wattage amp driving high wattage
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I don't like the G12-75. I had a couple that I tried in various amps and they seemed to have an "icepick in the ear" quality. Really bright and harsh sounding to me. Just
i've used the stock g12t75's in my flatmate's marshall 1960a cab, and the V30's he replaced them with. personally i prefer the v30's. the t75's definitely have their own sound. in
Well, this is all subjective and opinion....BUT, I'd get the Wizard any and every day over the G12H. And I've loved the G12H's for many years, but Eminence has improved on the concept
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