How to Activate Reserve Battery Power in a Cell Phone?


You can try and reactivate the reserve battery power of your mobile phone by first pressing pressing the power on button. Then, allow the phone to show its settings and menu. Press *3370# and send to call. See if your battery indicator rises. If not, you may have drained your reserved battery power.
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1. Type "3370# into your phone. This is the code that activates the reserve battery after prompting the cell to restart. 2. Refrain from pressing the "Send" button.
You can try *3370# and it might work, but on 95% of cell phones, it
1. Charge your phone frequently. Ad. 2. Don't put the phone on Vibrate mode. Use only the ringtone unless you have to keep the phone quiet. 3. Turn off any Bluetooth functionality
most, if not all, phone batterys are lithium ion.
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