How to Scan for Cell Phone Frequencies?


Many cell phones automatically scan the area for cell phone frequencies. They will pick up the strongest frequency or signal from the nearest cell tower. If you have a smart phone, you can scan for wi-fi as well.
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1. To determine which frequency your cell phone is on, visit the website for Wireless Advisor (see Resources). 2. Enter your ZIP code on the website and press "Search" to
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Each cell phone uses two frequencies per call - a duplex channel -
In the dark ages before cell phones, people who really needed mobile-communications ability installed radio telephones in their cars. In the radio-telephone system, there was one
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Cell Phone Frequency Information
Cell phone frequencies are required so you can talk and use mobile data services. When getting ready to purchase a phone or choose a mobile carrier, understanding information about cell phone frequencies is an important first step.... More »
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