How can I block a cell phone tracker?


A cell phone tracker is a cell phone system that is used to track the location and position of a mobile phone. Cell phone tracking software can be installed in a GPS too.
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1. Shop around and find a cell phone jammer. It will stop most cell phones from sending signals to a cell phone tower. The more expensive ones block signals up to hundreds of feet
an iphone or ipad r good for tracking.
CTA Bus Tracker uses GPS devices to report bus location data (and more) back
it is software solution to track phones.
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Phone tracking applications can help you locate your phone or tablet if it has been stolen or if you've forgotten where you've left it.
If you have a Smart Phone, you likely have GPS tracking built-in to your phone, you only need to download a tracking application compatible with your device.
Cell phone tracking is very popular these days and is often used by cheating spouses and law enforcement. To block a cell phone tracker you will need to choose the E911 feature that is located within the phone. This adjustment will allow and disable GPS tracking and enable privacy mode on the phone.
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