What Is the Celtic Symbol for Family?


The celtic symbol for family is claddagh which symbolizes love, loyalty and friendship. The Tree was a central part of early Celtic religiousness and a source of basic. Stability and harmony prevailing in the nature is best signified by means of celtic tree .
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The Celtic Tree of Life is a very famous mythological and philosophical symbol. The Celtic Tree of Life is symbol for representing the interconnection of life as well as the heaven
1. Observe your symbol and write down everything about it. For example, is it in the shape of a cross? Does it contain Celtic knot work? Is it a spiral? Does it look like a form of
The Celtic Tree of Life is asymbol of balance between these worlds; of
It looks like the first one on this page: http://www.nhweddings.info/symbology.htm…. If you rotate it just a bit it's a square: "These are shield knots considered symbols
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