Cement Bird Bath Paint?


Painting a cement bird bath is not hard to do. You will need a few tools to prepare your bird bath to paint. When you go to paint the bird bath make sure you put concrete sealer on the outside of the bird bath.
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1. Examine the bird bath for defects in the cement like small holes or cracks. These must be filled before you continue. Adding a sealant alone will not be enough to fill in these
cement. No! Cement is used to stick two things (like bricks) together. Concrete is used to form things (like bid baths)
Water-based concrete stains, typically composed of acrylic resins -- while technically not coatings -- behave more like coating products because they do not react chemically with
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How to Paint a Cement Bird Bath
Choosing to paint a bird bath can add life and vibrancy to any outdoor setting. Cement must be completely dry prior to beginning the painting process. If the cement is not dry, pressure will build up and the paint will eventually crack or peel. If you... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
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