What Are People That Work in a Cemetery and Dig Graves Called?


Different cemeteries have different rules in regards to grave digging that the gravedigger must follow. Generally, the gravedigger will also function as the groundskeeper and sometimes even the one who keeps guard over night. While in some places grave diggers are looked down upon, usually in these times it's just another job.
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The people who dig the graves and work in the cemetery
No. They have to go to new ground.
I believe that a grave is in the cemetery for 100 yrs. After 100 yrs, you can put a new body there. I'm not sure that this is true.
Do you own a shovel and a flashlight? ; Typically, the cemetery will want to do the digging to make sure it's in the right place. Urn vaults may or may not be required by the cemetery
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Gravedigger is the employment title given to people who dig graves in cemeteries. Different cemeteries will have different rules for grave digging. Many times in a cemetery, the gravedigger will also be the groundskeeper. Graves are dug before the mourners arrive, and the filling of the grave will be completed after all the mourners have left. The Merry Cemetery in S?p?n?a, Romania, and The Manila Chinese Cemetery in the Philippines are both known for their extravagant grave markers and decorated mausoleums. The Cross Bones is a burial ground in London that is used specifically for prostitutes.
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