How to Dilate to 3 Centimeters?


In order to dilate to 3 cm, you can do a variety of different things. For example, a doctor may manually stretch you. You should never attempt to do this yourself though.
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Use a speculum
These are terms used during childbirth to indicate the progression of labor. Once you get to that point, the kid is on it's way and you probably should stay near the hospital. If
If you are not contracting it is possible to stay 2cm dilated for weeks as
Not medical advice: Most hospitals will admit you if you are at least 4 centimeters dilated.
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When a woman goes into labor, their cervix begins to dilate. When they are ten centimeters dilated, then they are ready to deliver their baby. A woman may stay ...
What 2 centimeters dilated and 40 percent effaced means is that you are in the early stages of labor. Dilated refers to how much your cervix has stretched and ...
The amount of time you will have to wait before going in to labor if you are 1 centimeter dilated and 50 percent effaced depends on the person. All women experience ...
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