Why Is Your Indoor Central Air Conditioner Leaking Water?


One reason why your central air condition could be leaking water is that the drain pipe is clogged. You will need to disconnect the line and put a bit of baking soda in the drain pipe that goes through the floor. You then need to add a bit of vinegar and plug the hole. This will cause whatever is plugging the pipe to be pushed out. Do not put this in the line that goes to your AC.
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That isn't a leak, it is condensation from warm, moist air hitting the cold air conditioner parts. You can see the same thing under cars in the summer . . . there will be a little
A condensation leak is when water drips from the air conditioner. It's a common problem on hot summer days when your air conditioner is likely running continuously. The leak usually
Any air conditioner will typically expel a small amount of water as a byproduct of the process they use to cool the air. Usually window AC's are designed to let the excess water drip
Your AC has a drain pan designed to hold condensate. It also has a pipe which allows the drain pan to empty outside. Open up the cooling coil cabinet and check if it is flooded. If
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How to Troubleshoot a Central Air Conditioning Leak
Central air conditioners create a lot of condensation during the home cooling process. The condensation is usually drawn down a condensation line which drains to the outside of the home. The drain line should be cleaned out before the beginning of every... More »
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To fix an air conditioner leak, first locate the source of the leak. If the leak is on the outside, you may be able to cover it with duct tape or another binding ...
There are many ways to troubleshoot a central air conditioner. One must first discover the problem, such as it not working or overworking. One can then get a professional ...
If a car is only leaking water, this is normal, as the air conditioner produces condensation. If the car is leaking a green fluid, this is coolant, and the car ...
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