How much is a carriage ride in Central Park in New York City?


Central park Carriage rides in New York cost about $50 for a standard twenty minute ride. An additional twenty dollars for each ten minutes after that. You can also prearrange carriage rides for longer periods of time, but expect to pay a bit more.
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Central Park Carriages offers rides for $34 for the first 20
The cabs cost about $30 for the first 20 minutes (don't forget to tip the driver) They line up outside the Plaza Hotel on 59th Street; you can always get a cab near Tavern on the
The only thing available, which doesnt at all supplement the closing of Claremont Riding Academy, are the horseback tours of the park offered by Riverdale Equestrian Center on 254th
There's really no single answer to that, it'll depend on how you want to ride and how much you want to spend. Staying away from high-end road bikes is probably sensible for a rookie
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Central Park, Manhattan, New York, NY
(212) 247-4859
Central Park Conservancy, New York, NY
(212) 310-6600
56 W 56th St, New York, NY
(212) 975-0785
132 W 129th St, Manhattan, NY
(347) 329-5082
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