Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Manual?


The central pnuematic air compressor manual is available on various sources. You need to establish your model to get the correct manual. A model number can be helpful if you call the manufacturer.
Q&A Related to "Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Manual?"
Not sure of your type or size but I found the user manual for other models in that line on the harbor freight website by clicking on each product and the tabs below the product show
1. Make sure the air compressor is turned off and the air tank is empty. 2. Wrap a layer of thread seal tape around the threads of the in-line moisture separator. Screw it into the
This is an oiless compressor; it requires no oil at all.
You need to use a 30 weight NON-detergent oil. The important part is make sure it is non-detergent! You can usually find it at O'Reilly's auto parts and possible other auto parts
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