Central Time Vs Eastern Time?


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Central Standard Time is 1 hour(s) behind Eastern Standard Time.
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There are usually two satellite video feeds from networks for a given show, one on Eastern time, one on Pacific time. The largest population is in that Eastern time zone, so they
1. Determine the current UTC or GMT. Both UTC and GMT refer to the time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London. For example, assume the current UTC or GMT is 4 pm. 2. Subtract
The Central time zone is one hour behind Eastern time. EST is 5
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There is an hour difference between Central time and Eastern Time. A person can quickly find out the difference between Central Time vs an Eastern Time by checking a variety of conversion tools. These tools and charts will quickly allow one to see that if it is 6:00 pm in New York City which is located in the Eastern Time Zone region it is 5 pm in Dallas, Texas which is located in the Central Time Zone region. This makes it easier to know when to call people in these time zones.
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