How to Clean Ceramics Greenware?


Wholesale Ceramic Greenware can be obtained from online stores such as When cleaning the ceramics green ware one need to be so careful because once the piece is fired, there's no going back. First you start by collecting your tools, than rub the mold seams with the straight edge of your cleaning apparatus, after that you can use a spoolie to clean small holes, lastly apply under glazes at this time if you plan to use them.
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1. Clean up any rough edges before putting the ceramic greenware in the kiln. Allow the piece to dry for several days. If the ceramics were made by pouring ceramic slip into a mold,
During the greenware stage water has evaporated from the clay body and the clay is very stiff. It cannot be bent without cracking but can still be carved or added upon.
Greenware is formed pottery that is air dried but unfired and, thus,
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