How to Use a Ceramic Teapot?


Ceramic teapots have been in use for many decades. Women love to make tea and it becomes a ceremony or event. The ceramic teapots do hold the heat in the vessel longer and more evenly when steeping the tea from bags or loose tea in hot water.
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1. Make sure your teapot's decorations/colors are fired on. Do not wash pieces that are hand-painted, as it may damage the finish or remove the paint. 2. Take your ceramic pieces
One can find a ceramic teapot when one goes to stores like Sears, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Canadian Tire. One can also purchase the item when one goes to the websites of these
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Ceramic Teapots
Ceramic teapots are small because they do not hold heat as long as other teapots. Learn to use a ceramic teapot with tips from a tea lounge owner in this free tea brewing video.... More »
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