How do you cut curves in ceramic tiles?


When cutting ceramic tile in a curve, you need water, tiles and a saw. Mark the tile to the exact shape and measurement, put on the saw and make many straight cuts, lift the tile to the diamond blade and smoothen the curve to its finished quality. Ceramic tile cut curves make any surface to look nice.
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1. Set the tile saw up on a work table or bench. Plug tile saw into an electrical outlet. Do not turn saw on. Fill tray with water. 2. Mark tile with a grease pencil or china marker
Cutting ceramic tile is a snap. Literally. There are three basic tools that you'll need: A tile cutter. You can buy a single rail ceramic tile cutter at any hardware or home supply
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Homeowners wishing to. do their own tile work. are presented with two major tools to cut the tiles: the wet tile saw and the snap tile cutter. A. wet tile saw. produces accurate cuts
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How to Cut Ceramic Tile in a Curve
There are many places in your home--such as steps, walls, fireplaces and floors--that have curves. And if you want to tile these places or around these places it shouldn't be intimidating. Cutting tiles with curves isn't hard, and sometimes it can't be... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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