Cerclage and Bed Rest?


The recommended bed rest that the patient should have after a cervical cerclage is about 2 weeks. The procedure is also known as a cervical stitch. It is performed in the case of cervical incompetence treatment.
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Generally they tell you to rest for about a week, but it varies from woman to woman & doctor to doctor. I personally had a cerclage put in, went off bed rest, after a few weeks
Prepare your bed rest area. Keep all of the things that you will need as close to you as possible. Books, the phone, television, hobbies , a laptop, snacks and drinks should be within
1 Use a lot of old news papers and tissue papers to stop your skin and bed sheets being wet or bloated by the natural organic substances coming out of your body, especially you brush
The rules of bed rest during pregnancy vary for each woman. Talk to your doctor about
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