How Do You Treat Cervical Spine Nerve Compression?


Cervical spinal nerve chat has 8 pairs of spinal nerves. Each pair gives feeling and function to several parts of the body. Spine is abbreviated and each pair is numbered in a corresponding manner. You can treat cervical spine compression with rest, anti-inflammatory and physical therapy.
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Without surgury, which I would use as a last resort, look into Decompression therapy. It can be found at a local chiropractor's office that has been trained in the procedure. It is
Go back to the chiropractor for a check up/adjustment to see if that helps. Get some Arnica cream and apply it to the area. It helps to get rid of muscle spasms. Arnica massage oil
Hi Tania, I would recommend treatment. I am not sure exactly where your nerve is being entrapped or impinged, a chiropractor will be able to determine if there is perhaps some muscular
Along the cervical spine, there are 8 pairs of cervical nerves. The various cervical nerves essentially exit through different (and above/below) different vertebra.
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