How Do You Treat Cervical Spine Nerve Compression?


Cervical spinal nerve chat has 8 pairs of spinal nerves. Each pair gives feeling and function to several parts of the body. Spine is abbreviated and each pair is numbered in a corresponding manner. You can treat cervical spine compression with rest, anti-inflammatory and physical therapy.
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Without surgury, which I would use as a last resort, look into Decompression therapy. It can be found at a local chiropractor's office that has been trained in the procedure. It is
Lee, You NEED to go and see one of the doctors that I recommended to you, they are the ones who CAN help you. A surgery is NOT the only cure, in fact surgery is NOT a cure at all
Go back to the chiropractor for a check up/adjustment to see if that helps. Get some Arnica cream and apply it to the area. It helps to get rid of muscle spasms. Arnica massage oil
Along the cervical spine, there are 8 pairs of cervical nerves. The various cervical nerves essentially exit through different (and above/below) different vertebra.
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Cervical spinal nerve 6 originates from the spinal column through intervertebral foramen above cervical vertebra 6. According to Spine-Health, the C6 nerve controls ...
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