What is the fuel mixture for a Homelite 240 chainsaw?


The fuel mixture for a Homelite 240 chainsaw should be at a ratio of 32:1. For every 32 parts of gasoline, one part should be two-stroke oil.

The Homelite 240 is a lightweight chainsaw with a 39.3 cubic centimeter engine. The chainsaw can run either a 16-inch or 18-inch guide bar. Originally manufactured in 1986, the Homelite 240 was built to run on nonethanol, high octane fuel. According to the Home Depot, owners may wish to add a gasoline treatment additive due to the ethanol found in modern gasoline. This allows the Homelite 240 to start and run more smoothly.

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1 gal gas + 2cycle engine oil.
1. Mix a 30:1 fuel/oil mixture by pouring 75 percent, or 3/4 of a gallon of gas into the gas container. Add the bottle of two-stroke engine oil and shake the container thoroughly.
A 50:1 mixture will work
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Chainsaws typically operate with a 2-stroke engine rather than a 4-stroke engine common on most automobiles. The 2-stroke engine has the advantage of being lightweight and portable, has a simple design, and generates significantly higher specific power... More »
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