How to Make Beaded Chakra Bracelets?


Chakra bracelets are said to make wishes come true. After putting on a Chakra bracelet, you don't take it off you let if fall off when it is ready. When it falls off, the wish you made when first putting it on, is said to come true. To make beaded Chakra bracelets you need seed beads or hemp, as well as beads. After braiding the hemp, you add the beads on every other string. After beading, braid the other half of the bracelet and seal it with a knot.
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1. Place your crystals and beads on a towel to prevent them from rolling around. 2. Wrap the elastic cord around your wrist twice, adding an extra 4 inches for tying the ends. Cut
Some people wear a Chakra bracelet because it is believed to have aesthetic purposes. In Indian and Eastern cultures this bracelet is used to promote healing and vitality.
Chakra bracelets, traditionally from the Indian and Eastern cultures, are designed to balance the seven chakras. A chakra bracelet works by using gemstones representing the chakras
Use one or more of the following stones for your bracelet to represent the Root Chakra: Smoky Quartz, garnet, Tigers Eye, agate, ruby or onyx. Decide on one or more of the following
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