Champion Spark Plug Conversion?


You can find a spark plug conversion online and at your local automotive store. There is a site called Spark Plug Cross Reference. You can choose Champion or another brand of spark plugs. It then asks you to start typing the part number. Once you start typing the part number, it will convert it for you. Champion has a variety of spark plugs for different uses including automotive, commercial, industrial, lawn and garden, marine, motorcycle, and for recreational vehicles.
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1. Locate the spark plug wires and the spark plugs. Depending on the vehicle you may need to remove a plastic engine cover that conceals the engine itself and the spark plug wires
Champion Spark Plug Co. is currently owned by Federal-Mogul.
the gap you should have is .030". hope this helps you.
Spark Plug Torch L7RTC is the same as the
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Champion J6C. ...
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