How to Tell If a Chanel Purse Is Real?


The best way to know if a Chanel purse is real is to know the product. Know what the logo looks like, not just the image but the size and font size used on it. You should also look at the little details like the type of fabric that is used on the purse.
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1. Take out all the contents from your purse. Shake it out vigorously to remove any ingrained dirt or dust. 2. Vacuum the inside of the bag with a cylinder-shaped nozzle attachment.
It depends on the purse style, etc, but Chanel purses are $225 easily.
It usually sells for $150-$500.
i don't know..but i want one! the girl above me is funny. what does chanel have to do with hitler? chanel is fabulous :) did yur dad's gf get you one too?
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About Chanel Purses
There are few more high-status handbags than the Chanel purse, the vision of the great French fashion designer Coco Chanel. Although she died in 1971, her legend lives on in the reputation and exquisite quality of her work.... More »
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