How much are small Signature C Chanel earrings?


Signature c small chanel earrings cost approximately $187.50. These earrings are c shape and can be made from metal chain interlaced with ribbon. They can be obtain from sites like and .
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I found some for about US $100.00 on ebay.
1. Become familiar with Chanel designs. Chanel earrings are not sold online, but you want to become familiar with their designs to spot a fake easily. Browse their website,
Answer Well if you dare to buy them off the net, then go to the chanel boutique and get them authenticated. But if you buy them from an expensive jewellery shop or the chanel boutique
Don't listen to the other people. They have no idea what they are talking about. Chanel costume jewelry doesn't come with real diamonds. You have to special order that stuff, and
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