How do you change the timing belt in a Kia Sportage?


A person should change the timing belt in a KIA Sportage after every 60,000 miles. The valves should be timed properly in order to change timing belt KIA Sportage. The process will also be affordable for people.
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1. Disconnect the wiring harness for the fuel pump behind the rear seat. Start the engine, and allow the engine to stall. Turn the ignition off and connect the wiring harness. Remove
look in your owners manual. but i think 2005 was changed from 60,000 to 100,000, but double check with Kia service.
To be quiet honest it is NOT a job for the DIY person. There are too many things to watch out for e.g. timing marks top bottom and by the pully wheels. Plus bolting into place other
To find the belt Take all frontal pieces off, inculding fan, fan
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When To Change the Timing Belt in a Kia Sportage
The timing belt in a Kia Sportage should be changed as indicated in the owner's manual. In the United States, Kia recommends that the timing belt is changed every 60,000 miles regardless of driving conditions.... More »
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