How to Hide the Title Bar in Internet Explorer?


To hide the title bar in Internet Explorer, open your browser. Then press 'F11' to pull up the title bar and move your cursor to the title bar and type in the desired web address.
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1. Open Internet Explorer from your desktop or the Start menu. 2. Press the "F11" key to hide the title bar at the top of the screen. This puts you into full-screen mode
You can't. IE9 has a clean title bar. It doesn't even show "Internet Explorer" in the title bar. The title of your web page is shown in the tab bar.
If Regedit is too complicated, you can use Spybot - Search and Destory. Open program > Tools(at the bottom) > IE Tweaks > Current User/All Users > (Type whatever name
Close out of all other browsers and open Internet Explorer. Click on either the icon on the bottom of the "Start" menu, or type Internet Explorer in the search bar. On the
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