Changes Made by the Vatican II?


A number of changes took place during the Second Vatican Council between October 1, 1962 and December 8, 1965. Some of these include a new canon law, catechism, prayers/songs and a new liturgical calendar. New rites for ordination and baptism have also been introduced.
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The vernacular - The language of the church was Latin. But the Vatican brought about change by bringing in the vernacular (native tongue) being English into the church. Having the
First the Mass was divided into 2 clear liturgies. The first, Liturgy of the Word, mimics the synagogue service; Prayer, Readings from Scripture, Homily, Intercessions. The second
Changes of Vatican II include canon 844, 4 that allows the administration of
The difficulty with judging whether the decisions of Vatican II were improvements of not is that it depends on your own particular theological position. For example, Vatican II made
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Vatican II is the Vatican Council in 1962-1965 that abandoned the universal Latin liturgy and acknowledged ecumenism and made other reforms. The council took broad ...
The Second Vatican Council addressed relations between the Catholic Church and the modern world. This council addressed the issue that many people could not read ...
There have been quite a few changes since Vatican II - also known as Vatican 2 or the Second Vatican Council. Mass, canon laws, and various customs have changed ...
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