Changing Battery in Skagen Watch?


The easiest way to change a Skagen watch battery is to take it a jeweler. They are insured in case something happens while replacing the battery. They will fix it or replace it up to the value of the watch.
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1. Pry the back of the watch open with the case-back opening tool or jeweler's screwdriver. Do this over a counter or towel in case the battery pops out. Examine and make note of
you need a BFH to smash the watch with cuz they are junk anyway. denmark branded chinese garbage.
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1. Turn the watch over (see. Things You'll Need. Place a soft pad under the crystal of the watch. A towel or dish cloth will work to prevent scratching the crystal of the watch. Ad.
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How to Change a Skagen Watch Battery
Skagen is a brand of watches from Denmark, offered in many styles for both women and men. Maintaining a Skagen watch requires changing the batteries when they are dead. Fortunately, the back of most Skagen watches snaps in and out for simple removal.... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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