How do you change the battery on a Timex watch?


Depending on the type of Timex watch you have, there are a few ways to change the battery. A watch could require you to use a small screwdriver to remove tiny screws. You will also need some type of magnifying glasses, and tweezers Some watches you simply need to use something to pop off the back of the watch. Once you have removed the back, you will look for a battery which is round and flat in appearance.
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1. Purchase a new watch battery. The back side of a watch will often state the type of watch battery that is needed. If not, you can wait to purchase the battery until after you have
Sometimes you can't do it yourself. It takes a special tool that only a jeweler has. Turn over the back and if it has little notches that takes a special tool. If it is flat you maybe
Align the caseback exactly as it was before you opened it. Make sure thet the groove for stem is in correct position. Lay the napkin on the flat table surface, put the watch on it
1. Turn the watch over (see. Things You'll Need. Place a soft pad under the crystal of the watch. A towel or dish cloth will work to prevent scratching the crystal of the watch. Ad.
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How to Change the Battery on a Timex Watch
Timex is a popular watch brand which specializes in durable athletic watches. Since athletic watches tend to have more functions than normal watches, they run out of batteries more quickly than a standard watch. Being able to replace your watch battery... More »
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In order to replace a Timex watch battery, you first need to determine the model of your watch. Each watch has its own battery size. Once you do this, you need ...
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