Changing Colors While Knitting?


To change colors while knitting, the person should just stop knitting at the end of the row. Then they will pick up and start knitting with a new color. It isn't smart to tie a knot then change the color.
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Changing colors while knitting is a necessary skill if you want to create color blocking or stripes in a knitted project. Because it's so simple to do, it's a perfect way for beginning
1. Do the slip knot and cast on 5-10 stitches so if it's wrong you can unravel quickly. 2. Knit about 5 rows. 3. Start the first part of a stitch (Stick it in the loop) 4. Get another
just do it.
Sorry, you can't have both sides of the fabric perfect without the "color-change" line if you're knitting stockinette stitch or garter stitch with both sides showing. However
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How to Change Colors While Knitting
Knitting is a terrific pastime that results in gifts for friends and family and yourself, of course. Whether you are a novice working on your first scarf, or an experienced knitter, you will at some point in your hobby find yourself challenged with a... More »
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