Changing Names on Property Deed?


Changing of name on property deeds can be caused by many situations which include, wanting to include your spouse's name in the deed. Another reason could be the selling of property in that, property deeds are legal documents and sometimes are in public record thus changing them would require notification to the relevant authorities. For detailed information on how to change names on property deeds you can visit sites such as ehow and netmums.
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1. Verify your ownership in the property to ensure you have authority to change names on the property deed. If you have sole ownership, then that means you have full interest and
Check with a county agency like the Recorder's Office. They should be able to tell you exactly what needs to be done in your state.
1 Choose a new name for yourself. You can change your surname, forename, middle names, or all of the above. If you're under 16, you'll need to get a parent or guardian to change your
1. Determine what county the property is located. 2. Find out the address to the county's Tax Commissioner's office. The property tax bill that is received annually should have this
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To change the name on a title deed, solicitor will be needed and is most likely to charge a particular fee for this service. If there is a mortgage on the property ...
You need to duly submit an application to have name changed on house deeds. You will also need to submit property layout details and supportive documents. ...
You need to take assistant of an attorney to change a name on Title Deeds. They will ask for verification documents such as statement and property layouts. ...
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